Stefania Gilks

Stefania Gilks

Whilst all my friends went into banking and started earning a fortune at 16, I embarked on a hairdressing "Youth Training Scheme".
I soon realised hairdressing could afford me my two favourite things - art and people. The creative flexibility is boundless.
I quickly progressed and moved on to win "Student of the Year". 30 Years on, I still love creating beautiful hair and beautiful smiles.

A love of art has developed into a dedication for hairdressing.
Fiona Yeadon

Fiona Yeadon

Trimming my dolls hair till they had nothing left to cut meant hairdressing has been something I wanted to pursue from a little girl.
After an apprenticeship and 7 years work, it was time to move on to a salon in Rawdon, this time for 8 years.
A career break involving the birth of my son led to me contacting Stef - a friend I had worked with previously - asking if she was interested in opening our own salon. Soon after, we found somewhere big enough to grow into, eventually leading to the launch of Chameleon.
Having been one of the first to undergo the "Matrix Colour Mastery" course, I continue to bring new techniques into the salon. Clients have followed me for years, watching as I grow in confidence and strength.

I specialise in wedding and occasion hair - any excuse for an "up do"!
Alessia De Vito-Stead

Alessia De Vito-Stead

I began my story at Chameleon as a 16 year old straight out of college. I completed my training 6 months earlier than the 2 year time scale. Having built up my confidence, I was ready to move on as a stylist and joined a large salon at Whitecross.
Over 8 years, I attended many courses and training academies. Occasionally taking charge of the salons apprentice team and assisting on numerous in-salon photoshoots, competitions and charity shoots helped me to grow even more.
In 2012 I was approached to come back and join a family friendly, flexible salon which happened to be back where I started. Having completed a full circle, I can't wait to continue a journey I have loved every minute of.

Hairdressing is a passion of mine.
It's even better with such a supportive team.